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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements: Eye & Face Protection Quick
February 20, 2018
Chemical resistant polypropylene lab sink-WJH0357G
February 21, 2018

3-Joints Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Arm-WJH0604

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Arm

Description for three-joints mounted exhaust arm(Type: WJH0604)

1. Joints: Using high-density PP(polypropylene) material, it can be adjusted the direction and rotated based on 360 degree. It’s easy to be dissembled, resembled and washed.
2. Joints sealing ring: Using high-density rubber which isn’t easy to be aged.
3. Joints connecting pole: connecting pole made of 304 stainless steel, It’s with interior connectors design which can be shut or stopped with joints.
4. Adjustable joint knob: high-density PP material, with stainless bearing inside, it locks with joints connecting pole well.
5. Airflow adjustable valve: It’s adjusted by hand. The airflow can be controlled by adjusting the external valve knob which can adjust the angle of valve.
6. Dome hood: PP white/red/half transparent.
7. Elastic tube: 75mm PVC/PP
8. Sole 360 degree rotation device: The max movement radius can reach 1600mm based on mounted frame.
9. Standard fixed base: high-density ABS material, It’s strong because it’s formed one time by injection moulding. It makes it more excellent on fastness because there are 4 reinforcing rids on it.


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