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November 16, 2018
Pedestal-Mount Eyewash Stations
November 20, 2018

304 Safety Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station

304 Safety Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station

Eyewash head: for the eye and facial cleaning water to the mouth.
Eyewash nozzle Dust: eye protection sprinklers for dust control devices.
Shower nozzle: for the body of water used for cleaning the mouth.
OFF valve: used to open and close the flow valve devices, there are foot and push by hand two style.
Pipes: a device used to direct water flow.
Filter: used to filter out debris to enter the eye.
Base: fixed eye device

Material: 304 stainless steel or galvanized materials or 316L
Coating: no
Emergency shower eye : stainless steel 304 inlet pipe (1-1/4),
Stay-open ball balve switch, pull rod (D8mm)&shower head
Eye wash : stainless steel 304 inlet pipe, stay – open ball valve switch & eye wash bowl
Eye spray head : stainless steel, built-in chemical resistant PP
Eye wash flow rate at 12~18L/Min. 
Shower flow rate at 120~180L/Min, further exceeding ANSI standards >= 75.7L/Min
Option:Foot treadle stainless steel 
Eye wash and shower Mounting 
Shower Head Material
Eye Wash Activates by
Eye Wash Covering
Pipe Material
floor type
304 stainless steel
push board or foot pedal(optional)
dust proof cover available
304 stainless steel

Emergency shower is reached A NSI Z358.1-2004
Emergency shower eyewash is according to the U.S. ANSI Z358.1-2004 stand. Each component of the length, height, water flow, water flow and spray area in the designated set code. For emergency equipment, Eye wash is ergonomically designed with two spray heads, and height and the angle of the heads offer face most comfort. The specially designed spray holes soften water spray and protect eyes effectively.



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