Laboratory water tap
December 25, 2017
Multi-function Laboratory Mixing Faucets
December 27, 2017

aluminum alloy lab fume exhaust -WJH0607

WJH0607 lab fume extractor

Jiont:high grade PP, to be 360° swiveled,easy to dismantle, assemble & clean
Sealing ring: low-friction treated rubber
Center bolt:304 stainless steel
Adjustable joint knob: brass material,embedded stainless steel bearing, locked lever in joints.
Air flow control valve: adjust the external valve knob manually to control the
entering of the gas flow
Arch/Cup gas-collecting hood: high density PP/PC material
Tube:75mm aluminum alloy
Unique 360°rotary device: with a fixed frame as the center, radius of activities is 1600 mm
Installation bracket:injection of plastics from a complete mold,mounting panel strongly connected to the joint

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