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June 18, 2018
Bench-Top Eyewash Station – Double Head – Brass
June 22, 2018

Combination Eyewash and Shower

WJH0458 eye wash



  • Materials: ABS plastic + 304 stainless steel.
  • Main pipe fittings adopt stainless steel materialized oil resistance, acid proof, alkali prevention and saline solution performances.
  • Push handle and pedal switches are at your option for flexible control of switch and easy operation; the flashing value controlled by the draw bar of the sprayer can be opened in a second and kept open with no need for hand holding.
  • Living water supplies.
  • It applies for eliminating the harm caused by chemical liquid spraying to body, eyes and face; the sprayer is used to wash away chemical pollutants on face and eyes in emergency
  • It complies with regulations of ANSI/SES on emergency eye wash station and showering equipment – ANSI Z358-2012.
  • The inlet of eye wash station he inlet of vertical eye wash station is 1450mm from the ground
  • The outlet of eye wash station is 210mm from the ground.

Eye Wash Showers From DRIZIT


Eye wash installation instructions

Step 1: First, fix the fixed base and connect it to the ground with expansion bolts;
Step 2: Connect the 5/4 drainage tee to the base as shown in the figure and lock it;
Step 3: Connect and lock the 5/4 steel pipe with the eyewash assembly and the 5/4 drainage tee;
Step 4: Place the eyewash basin on the eyewash assembly and connect it with the eyewash pressure cap to lock it;
Step 5: Connect the filter eyewash nozzles and lock them;
Step 6: Connect the assembled eyewash nozzle and horn elbow according to the diagram and lock
Step 7: The assembled horn elbow is then placed in the wash bowl and connected to the wash bowl pressure cap;
Step 8: Place the dust cover on the filter screen.
Step 9: Connect the 4-point elbow to the eyewash assembly at an angle of 90°.
Step 10: Connect 4 points inlet control valve and 4 points elbow and lock.
Step 11: Connect the hand push plate to the 4-point inlet control valve and lock



  • Main pipe fittings: 304 series of stainless steel.
  • Water basin: ABS plastic; draw bar, spraying header, cross bar, vertical.
  • Column pipe: baking varnish galvanized steel; base: aluminum casting.
  • Shower head: 240mm (9.4) 304 series of stainless steel. The shower head and spraying header are 210cm from the ground.
  • Spraying header plate: ABS plastic; dimension: 255×75 (diameter, height/mm).
  • Valve: 1 inch female thread, stainless steel, full flow continuous opening ball valve.
  • Initiating device: galvanized steel triangular draw bar.
  • Spraying header: 1 inch baking varnish galvanized tube
  • Column pipe of sprayer: 1+1/4 inch baking varnish galvanized tube.
  • Inflow of sprayer: 1 inch male thread.
  • Flow rate of sprayer: up to 75.6L/min under1.4 kgf/cm2 pressure (delivers 300 gallons of water in 15min)
  • Eye wash station is equipped with pneumatic spray nozzle and continuous opening ball varnishalve controlled by paddle-type handle.
  • Quick coupling: vertical pipe 42mm, water inlet pipe 20mm.
  • Water bowl: ABS plastic; dimension: 320×95 (diameter, height/mm).
  • Quick coupling: for vertical: pipe the diameter is 42mm, 304 stainless steel; for water inlet pipe, the diameter is 20mm, 304 stainless steel.
  • Spray head: 304 series of stainless steel, with dust cover; green ABS plastic eye/face wash nozzle, with self-closing nozzle protection cover, reducing pollution probability. The spraying header is 100cm from the ground.
  • Valve: 1/2 inch female thread, stainless steel materials.
  • Inlet of eye wash station: 1/2 inch female thread.
  • Discharge of eye wash station: 1 inch female thread.
  • Flow rate of eye wash station: it is up to 11.4L/min under 2.1 kgf/cm2 pressure (delivers 45 gallons of water in 15min).
  • Column pipe of eye wash station: 1+1/4inch baking varnish galvanized tube.
  • Weight: 9.5Kg.
  • Package: carton, 30x83x35 (height, length,width/cm).


The contaminated personnel can reach emergency wash station within 10s. The reach for wash station should be kept free of barriers; when the eye wash station and sprayer is used at the same time, the delivered water flow can meet the requirement (Section 4.1.4, 4.5.5,7.4.4).

Eye Wash Showers from DRIZIT


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