Electrothermal Anti-icing Combination Shower& EyeWash(WJH0658)
December 21, 2017
Stainless steel combination shower & Eye Wash Room(WJH0786)
December 21, 2017

combination shower & Eye Wash Room(WJH0784)

WJH0784 combination shower & Eye Wash Room, limited working space and it is very convenient. Eye washroom is made of nozzle with 16 different angles; All of the body, nozzle and Treadle are made use of stainless steel, when the eye-washing is opened, the water spray From different angles, wash the whole body and face. Eye wash room can’t controlled the pollution nearby source area, so it choices the Impervious partition to separate, the flowing water from sprayer head also is incurrent, It will not spray the outer area. All of the used water will flow directly to drain tank which is near by the foot-treadle, it Can be drained away in good time, so it hasn’t polluter. The switch has the two different controlling modes: The stainless steel foot-treadle mode And stainless steel handle mode.

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