desktop exhaust hood,Laboratory universal exhaust hood, exhaust hood

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November 14, 2018
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November 16, 2018

desktop exhaust hood,Laboratory universal exhaust hood, exhaust hood

Product Name: exhaust hood | desktop exhaust hood (ceiling / wall / desktop)

joint: high density PP / PC material, 360 degree rotation adjustment direction, easy to dismantle, Reconstruction and cleaning of
joint seals: high-density rubber
support springs/joint joints that are not easy to age : 304 stainless steel
joints elastic knobs: made of high-density PP/PC, with embedded copper nuts, and articulated rod locking
airflow control valve: Manually adjust the external valve knob to control the flow of incoming air.
Arch/cup shaped gas hood: 375mm/200mm in diameter, made of high density PP/PC, available in red, grey and transparent.
Telescopic tube: 75mm diameter PVC/PC
holder: high density PP/PC material (ceiling type/wall type), PP/PC (desk type)
Description: PC needs to be non-combustible material in plastic, and it is plastic Medium temperature resistant material meets the needs of laboratory safety.

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