Difference between Stainless steel Eye Wash Stations and Plastic eyewash ?

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April 3, 2018
Tabletop-Mounted Eyewash
Stainless steel Tabletop Emergency Eye Wash Station
April 5, 2018

Difference between Stainless steel Eye Wash Stations and Plastic eyewash ?

The difference between these two eye-washing device is mainly the difference of the material of the bowl.

Plastic bowls are lighter.The stainless steel bowl is stronger and more durable.

Emergency Plastic Bowl Eye Wash Stations


Bowl: Polypropylene
Spray Heads: (2) Yellow ABS Plastic Spray Outlet, Sprayface, and Dust Cover
Valve: 1/2” NPT Female Brass, Chrome-Plated
Activator: Stainless Steel Push Handle
Inlet: 1/2” NPT Female
Plate: Cold-Rolled Steel, Painted Safety Green
Emergency Sign: 7-7/8” x 7-7/8” Plastic Wall Sign


  • Eye/face wash head uses Axion technology that helps sweep contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity
  • Fully serviceable in-line mesh strainer helps to collect line debris from reaching the eyewash
  • Includes a stainless steel ball valve and stem for long lasting durability
  • 11″ round green ABS plastic bowl receptor is resistant to damage from alkalies, salt solutions, oils, and most acids
  • Available in wall-mounted or pedestal units for versatility depending on available area at the work place

Wall Mounted Eye and Face Wash with Bracket

Wall Mounted Eye and Face Wash with Bracket and Trap

Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash


Emergency Stainless Steel Bowl Eye Wash Stations


Eye and Face Wash, Wall Mounted, All-Stainless Steel

Valve: 1/2″ IPS stainless steel stay-open ball valve. Valve has stainless steel ball and PTFE seals.

Bowl: 11-1/8″ diameter stainless steel.

Mounting: Heavy duty stainless steel wall bracket.


Un- mounted Stainless Steel Eye Wash

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Eye Wash with Bracket

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Eye Wash with Trap

Barrier Free Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Eye Wash

Pedestal Mounted Stainless Steel Eye/Face Wash

Freeze Resistant Wall Mounted Eye Wash

Dust cover for 11″ receptor bowls


  • 11″ stainless steel receptor bowl with bright finish on exterior for a beautiful long lasting look
  • Available in un-mounted, wall mounted, pedestal mounted, and barrier free units
  • Valve is designed to make the flushing of fluid occur with the push of a stainless steel flag on the side of the unit
  • Eye/face wash and valve assembly are pre-built and fully water/pressure tested to ensure no leaks and proper function which ultimately reduces installation time
  • Anti-microbially treated against the growth of mold and mildew on the treated components
 Products are guaranteed for one year (except for man-made damage) The eye washer is of good quality, the overall is 304 thickened stainless steel high bright material, economical type, the eye-washing device is equipped with a certificate, installation schematic, manual, eye washer signs, and each set of products before the factory undergo a rigorous test water, test pressure and other testing, in order to fully protect your choice for value!

Stainless steel bowl cover and Plastic eyewash bowl . Cover protects unit against contaminants. Cover is automatically raised when unit is activated.
Stainless steel dust cover for each spray head.
Auxiliary hand-held drench hose for rinsing eyes, face or body.
Self-closing ball valve. Note: Eyewashes with self-closing valves do not comply with ANSI Z358.1 – 2014,.
Chrome plated brass tailpiece and trap with 1 1/2″ IPS waste connection.
1 1/2″ OD chrome plated brass tailpiece.
G3600LF thermostatic mixing valve precisely blends hot and cold water to deliver warm (tepid) water as provided by ANSI Z358.1 – 2014. Refer to Tempering Units section for complete technical and product selection information.

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