Drop In Epoxy Resin Sinks for all of your Lab needs

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September 11, 2018
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September 13, 2018

Drop In Epoxy Resin Sinks for all of your Lab needs

Epoxy Resin is the modern laboratory benchtop material that offers a superb combination of features and benefits. It is durable, extremely chemical and stain resistant, mechanically strong, easily cleaned and decontaminated and exhibits good fire resistance and fire propagation properties.

The standard range of sinks and troughs are moulded complete with a fixing flange in order to simplify fitment and to optimise the integrity of the joint with the worktop.

Epoxy resin sinks are the most popular laboratory sink material and are highly resistant to many acids, solvents and other inert chemicals found in both commercial and educational laboratory settings.

Epoxy sinks are available in all of the same colors as epoxy tops. We offer a wide variety of both drop-in and undermount (requires a sink support system) sinks to fit most every need. We also have available hard-to-find sinks such as trough, round, ADA, end and polypropylene styles.

Epoxy sinks are beneficial to the user because they are extremely durable. They provide the best all around answer for lab grade sinks as they will resist most acids, solvents, high and low pH solutions etc. If you consistently use nitric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, sulfuric acid and other highly corrosive compounds, you will benefit from using an epoxy resin sink. Available in several dozen sizes, there is likely one to fit your needs.

Epoxy Resin Drop-In Sinks
Epoxy Resin drop in sinks are quickly becoming the industry standard due to the ease of installation and the added safety they can bring to the lab. Epoxy Resin sinks (Drop in) are top mounted. This simplified method of installation seals the sink cutout and eliminates the worksurface overhang between the inner walls of undermount sink basins and the sink cutout which can gather residual chemicals and bacteria. All drop in sinks surfaces are clearly visible and radius for ease of cleaning.

Features of Drop In Epoxy Resin Sinks
Extremely Chemical Resistant
Easily To Install
Easy To Seal
Easy to Clean


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