Emergency Combination Drench Shower / Eyewash Station

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January 18, 2018
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January 22, 2018

Emergency Combination Drench Shower / Eyewash Station

Combination Shower and Eye/Face Wash

Emergency Combination Drench Shower / Eyewash Station use method

Eye wash use method – composite eye wash

Eyewashers are generally divided into five categories, namely, compound eyewash, vertical eyewash, wall-mounted eyewash, desktop eyewash, and portable eyewash. Customers can select a price point and a functional eyewash for their needs.

Compound eyewash device:  A compound eyewash device that integrates the showering function and the eyewash function. It is simple to assemble, easy to install and quick to operate.

Compound eye washer function:  The conventional compound eye washer only has shower and eye wash functions, and can select additional functions according to the installation site, for example: anti-corrosion, linkage between hands and feet, and simple emptying of antifreeze…

Complete eye safety station
Emergency shower and eyewash station in one
Features a two GS-PlusTM spray-type outlet heads
10″ dia. ABS plastic shower head
With a 1/2″ IPS chrome plated stay-open brass valve with seals
Shower valve is furnished with a stainless steel actuating arm and 29″ stainless steel pull rod
Spray heads have flip-top dust covers, internal flow control, and filter
Supply: 1/2″ NPT female inlet
Waste: 1-1/4″ NPT female outlet
11-1/2″ dia. bowls are available with 3 options: Stainless Steel Bowl, Stainless Steel Bowl with Cover, and Plastic Bowl
Comes with ANSI associating identification sign
Compliant with ANSI Z358.1-2009


Three functions are introduced:

1) Anti-corrosion: On the basis of 304 stainless steel, add a processing technology “high-temperature electrostatic dusting,” not easy to fall, and anti-corrosion effect is good, can deal with a variety of strong acid and alkali environment, the setting is still intact.

2) Hand and foot linkage: On the basis of conventional eye washers, another high-performance foot pedal can be equipped. When there is a danger of dangerous articles being handled, the pedals can be quickly pressed to flush the eyes, face, arms and neck. Win time.

3) Evacuate anti-freeze: In order to deal with cold temperatures, it is impossible to use icing, and empty anti-freezing device can be added to ensure that the anti-freezing device is set to be used properly so that it can be quickly cleaned in the event of a dangerous situation.

Eye wash use method:

      Shower system: Spray outlets are evenly distributed at 56 outlet holes. The water is even during the showering process. The shower is more complete and showering effect is better. When using, it pulls down and pulls the eye-pulling bar, and it takes 1 second to drain water. After cleaning, gently push the pull bar upwards to close the shower system:

 Eyewash system: The eyewash nozzle adopts a built-in double-layer PP filter (never rust), which can filter the water in the water, make the water source cleaner, and use the principle of pressure relief to make the ejected water flow into a foam, more gentle, during use. There will be no secondary damage to the eyes and the inner nerves of the eye due to excessive water flow. Relative to the traditional eyewash, eye wash better and safer! When you need to use the eyewash function is: manually push the eyebrow push handle clockwise, open the eye wash switch (if you have hands and feet linkage function, you can step on the foot, you can water), after use, manually pull back counterclockwise Push switch, turn off the water.

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