WJH0357AY PP Laboratary Sink
May 30, 2018
Electric Shower Water Heaters With Eye Wash
Heat Traced Shower with Eye Wash , Electric Shower Water Heaters With Eye Wash
June 2, 2018

emergency shower Eyewash Stations(WJH0458)

WJH0458 eye wash

main feature

Anti-corrosion epoxy resin, floor-standing, compound eyewash and shower device
Even the slightest carelessness in laboratories can cause serious damage. The way to minimize the damage is the first intervention. In situations such as eye and body burns caused by chemistry, Runwangda places important emergency services at the fastest points in all laboratories.
Eye Shower: Can be installed on service cells and service walls. There are models that can be mounted on the wall and the table.
Height Shower: The showers are placed on the yada near the laboratory outlet. There are emergency shower systems and wall-mountable models as individual stations.

Suggested industry/use


Occupational hazards

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