Emergency shower eye washer (WJH0358) maintenance and care and instructions for use

Stainless steel eye wash (WJH0359C) use and maintenance
October 29, 2019
International Industrial Safety and Health Exhibition
November 8, 2019

Emergency shower eye washer (WJH0358) maintenance and care and instructions for use


  • use

Essential equipment for safety and labor protection. It is an emergency protection facility necessary for contact with acids, alkalis, organic matter and other toxic and corrosive substances. In the event of an accident, the degree of damage is minimized by rapid showering and rinsing.

  • Main performance parameters

Pressure rating MPa

Flow rate L/min

Applicable conditions

Nominal pressure

Sealing pressure

Work pressure


Eye wash

Normal temperature pure water or water that meets hygienic standards






     The main performance parameters are selected to reduce the damage and irritation of harmful substances on human skin and ocular surface layer in the event of an accident.

  • Structure (with photos)
  1. 1. Use the ball valve to control the spray and eye wash separately. The operation is convenient, the opening and closing is fast, and the sealing is reliable.
  2. The flow rate of the eyewash device is controlled by the flow regulating valve. It has been adjusted and adjusted at the factory. If the working pressure of the water source on the site is changed, it can be adjusted by itself (see installation instructions).
  3. The eye wash line is provided with a water seepage hole to drain the residual water in the eye wash nozzle, which is beneficial to the pipeline cleaning and antifreeze (a part of the water is discharged into the down pipe when the eye is washed, and the effect is not affected).
  • Main material : high quality stainless steel.
  • Installation and adjustment test:

1. The product model, certificate of conformity, instruction manual, and packing list must be re-examined before installation.

2. The installation location should be within 15 meters of the accident-prone location, and the flushing position can be reached within 10 seconds of running speed.

  • Installation and commissioning:
  1. The base is connected to the lower half of the riser: the raw material belt is wound at the thread of the base and the water outlet is connected by a three-way connection.
  2. Mounting base: Adjust the direction of the three-way drain according to the position of the drain pipe, draw the punching position according to the screw hole of the base, and then set the M10 expansion screw or anchor bolt according to the ground level.
  3. Install the shower pipe: screw the shower head on the cross pipe elbow of the nozzle, wrap the raw material tape on the other end of the nozzle pipe, screw it on the upper part of the riser, adjust the direction to make the shower head direction downward, then Lock the nozzle tube with the back mother;
  4. Connect the upper part and the lower part: put it by the mother and mother, and screw it by the mother.

e. Install the eyewash section: Wrap the raw material tape at the thread of the eyewash nozzle and tighten it with the lower half of the reducer.

f. Install the double nozzle eye wash part: Put the G1⁄2” mesh mat into the G1⁄2” lock nut and connect it with the G1⁄2” connector

Tighten tightly.

g. Connect the inlet pipe and drain pipe to check whether the ball valve switch is in place and there is no jamming.

h. In the middle of the two eyes of the double-head washing machine, the eye-washing flow regulating valve is used, and the flow rate of the eye-washing nozzle is controlled by the flow regulating valve. It has been debugged at the factory. However, due to the difference in water supply pressure and flow rate, it can be re-adjusted on site during installation to adjust the flow to the human eye. Adjustment method: Unscrew the top protective cap, use a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the adjusting valve stem, rotate clockwise, and reduce the flow. Rotate counterclockwise and the flow rate increases.

  • Tips for use :

1. This product is used in the environment above 0 °C. If it is used below 0 °C, it is necessary to carry out pipeline antifreeze maintenance;

2. Before installation, please rinse the water inlet pipe in advance;

 3. It is recommended to install the water inlet control valve in the inlet pipe. After use, close the inlet control valve and close the eyewash valve after the water in the main body has been discharged.

  • Instructions

Open the inlet control valve before use

   1. When it is necessary to flush, please pull down the handle of the shower switch, the shower valve is opened (opening angle 90°), push the shower switch handle up, and the shower valve closes. (The ball valve connecting rod is closed at 45° above the ball valve and 45° at the lower side)

2. If you need to wash your eyes, please push the eyewash switch in a clockwise direction, the eyewash valve opens, pull the push plate counterclockwise, and the eyewash valve closes.

  • maintenance
  • It is only allowed to be used in emergency when an accident occurs. It is strictly forbidden to use bathing. It is necessary to stipulate rules and regulations and inspections to prevent violations or regular bathing and hand washing, resulting in product failure and undue accidents.
  • More than one comprehensive test should be conducted every week to verify the reliability and effectiveness of the device to ensure emergency and effective use in the event of an accident, and to provide reliable personal and health protection. This product is not a medical device, it only serves as an emergency shower and reduces the damage of harmful substances to the human body.
  • In the event of an accident, the victim must choose the shower time based on the degree of damage to the hazardous substance. Prepare emergency rescue measures during the period.
  • Common faults and troubleshooting


Serial number

Common malfunctions


elimination method


Small flushing water flow

Inlet pipe diameter is small, flow is not enough

 Increase the inlet pipe 11⁄4 or 11⁄2


Eye wash nozzle has a small amount of water

a. Adjusting the valve stem to adjust the head

b. Flow regulating valve blocked

a. Rotate the lever counterclockwise

b. Flushing flow control valve


Eye wash nozzle has a large amount of water

Adjustment lever is not adjusted in place

Turn the control valve clockwise


Washing basin water

The drain hole in the eye wash basin is blocked or the sewer pipe is blocked

Eliminate blockages



WJH0358 packing list


After unpacking, please check the number of accessories according to the following list to check whether there is any damage in transportation. If there is any problem or the quantity is insufficient, please contact our local distributor or the company immediately, and you will get a satisfactory answer.

Parts list

Serial number

Part name



Shower head section

Group 1


Nozzle tube

Group 1


Shower switch handle

Group 1


Upper part of the riser (with the mother pad)

Group 1


Eye wash double nozzle (with filter pad)

Group 1


Wash basin part

Group 1


Eyewash switch

Group 1


Lower part of the riser (with lock mat)

Group 1



Group 1


Spare parts

1 pack

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