Eye Wash and Shower Installation Videos

Stainless Steel Emergency Shower & Eye Wash(WJH1358)
March 19, 2018
Electric Shower Water Heaters With Eye Wash
Stainless Steel Combination Safety Shower and Eye/ Face Wash Station
March 19, 2018

Eye Wash and Shower Installation Videos

Shower specifications : The ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standard suggests that

• the shower must provide tepid flushing fluid (15.6–37.8°C or 60–100°F).
• the valve can be activated in one second or less.
• the shower heads should be positioned from 208 to 244 cm above the work surface.
• the spray pattern will have a minimum diameter of 50.8 cm at 152.4 cm above the work surface.
• flow rate should be equal to 75.7 liters/minute for a minimum of 15 minutes at 20.7 Newtons per square centimeter.
• the center of the spray pattern must be located at least 40.6 cm from any obstruction.

What incoming water supply pipe size should be used when installing eyewash or drench showers?

According to the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standard, the minimum flow rate requirements are defined below, the pipe size is based on Bradley fixtures:
Eye/Face Wash (.4gpm/3gpm @ 30 PSI)=½” incoming supply pipe
Drench Shower (20gpm @ 30PSI) = 1″ Incoming supply pipe
Combination Drench Shower & Eyewash = 1¼” incoming supply pipe
Note: If the pipe size is too small, inadequate flow will be delivered and the unit will not provide enough flushing fluid.

Eye Wash Instal

Eye Wash Attached to a Sink

Eye Wash located in Science and Engineering Building

Shower Mounted to a Ceiling

Eye Wash and Shower Combination Unit


• showers must be located in the same room as the hazard, in a well-lit area with appropriate signage and within reach to hazards such as caustic acids.
• the pathway to the shower must be free from obstructions.
• provisions must be made to prevent an unauthorized shutoff, if shutoff valves are installed in the supply line.


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