Eye wash and shower setting principles: should meet the requirements of the set specification

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April 22, 2018
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April 22, 2018

Eye wash and shower setting principles: should meet the requirements of the set specification

The eye washer is installed in the hazardous chemical area. The user can reach the eye washer within 10 seconds.
Eyewash rescue range: within 15 meters.
Eye wash can not be installed in layers.
There is no electrical switch around the eye washer to prevent accidents.
Eyewash outlet must be connected to a sewer or wastewater treatment tank.
Eyewash water pressure requirements: 0.2–0.4Mpa
When people need to contact toxic or corrosive chemicals because of their work needs, for the personal safety of the workers, there are eyewashers in the work units. Spray eyewashers have become one of the necessary facilities in many places. In order to make the spray eyewashing device not only a decoration, but also a real emergent emergency situation, where the eyewash manufacturer should be placed in the eyewasher and how it should be set up to give us some suggestions, let’s take a look. .

Eyewash manufacturers tell us that the distance between the installation position of the spray eyewash and the accidental point may be related to the toxicity, corrosiveness, and temperature of chemicals used or produced.

The production and use of general toxic and corrosive chemicals in the area, including loading and unloading, storage and analysis near the sampling point, spray eyewasher set a distance of 20-30m.

In the areas of highly toxic, highly corrosive, and chemicals with temperatures above 70°C and in the production and use of acidic and alkaline materials, including loading, unloading, storage, and analysis sampling sites, spray eyewashers need to be installed, and their location is set off. The place where the accident occurs (dangerous place) is 3m-6m, but it must not be less than 3m, and should avoid the layout of the chemical injection direction to avoid affecting its use when the accident occurs.

In chemical analysis laboratories, there are frequently used toxic and corrosive reagents, and there is a possibility of injury to the human body. Spray eyewashers are to be provided. Spray eyewash should be set near the battery charging room. The spray eyewash should be set on a smooth channel, and the multi-storey factory buildings are generally arranged near the same axis or near the exit.

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