Eye wash installation requirement Guide, design standards

Eye Wash Station Emergency Showers Requirements
March 26, 2018
What specifications should the eye wash & Showers equipment meet ?
March 26, 2018

Eye wash installation requirement Guide, design standards

  At present, the eye washer has two standard: one is the American Eye washer standard ANSI z358.1-2004, one is the European eye washer standard DIN-12899.
At present, many manufacturers of eye-washing equipment in the United States generally adopt the U.S. eye-washing standards.

The installation of eye-washing device

  The installation of the eye-washer must be installed in the vicinity of the dangerous source, preferably within 10 seconds to quickly reach the area of the eye washer, while as far as possible to install on the same level, it is best to be able to reach straight line, to avoid the more level of rescue. In the vicinity of the installation of the eye washer, there is a need for eye-catching signs.
The logo is best expressed clearly in both English and Chinese, and it is very vividly told to the operator of the production site, and the position of the eye-washer and the use of the eye-washing device.

  Eye Washer Design Eye washer is a kind of emergency ambulance safety protection supplies, in the chemical engineering project design phase, it is necessary to design the eye-washing device, the eye-wash design technology to meet the relevant national standards, at present, in China, there is no eye-washing production standards, now the production of eye wash is mainly referencing ANSI Z358-1

  2004 American eye-washing standards to produce. In the ANSI Z358-1 2004 standard, the first emphasis is the sprinkler system and the eye wash system of water problems, in the ANSI Z358-1 2004 standard has strict rules.

Second, consider the use of the eye-washing device for the application of environmental requirements. The design of the eye-washing device is mainly based on the customer site requirements, to design what kind of eye-washing device.  In the design of the eye-washing device, it is mainly considered from three aspects:

  1. The chemical substance of the work site environment of the eye washer.
  2, the use of eye-washing site temperature, mainly to consider the temperature of winter.
        3, the site water problem: There is no fixed water source, only the use of portable eye-washing device.If there is a fixed water source, a fixed eye washer can be used.
        4, the additional function of the description.

Eye-Washing Device setting specification:

1, in the highly toxic, strong corrosion and temperature above 70 ℃ chemicals and acid, alkaline materials production and use of the area, including loading and unloading, storage, analysis of sampling points near the need to set up a safe spray eye, the location is located in the accident place (dangerous place) 3m-6m, but not less than 3m,
And should avoid the chemical spray direction arrangement, lest the accident occurs when it affects its use.

2, the general toxic, corrosive chemicals in the production and use of the region, including loading and unloading, storage and analysis of sampling points near the safe spray eye-washing device at ~30m distance set one stop.
Gas alarm

3, chemical analysis of the laboratory, there are frequent use of toxic, corrosive reagents, and may occur on the human body damage to the post, to set up safe spray eye-washing device.

4. The location of the safe spray eye-washing device and the distance from the possible accident point are related to the toxicity, corrosivity and temperature of the chemicals used or produced, and the setting point and requirements are usually put forward by the process.

5, safe spray eye should be set in the open channel, multi-storey plant general layout in the same axis near or near the exit.

6, the battery charging room should be set up safe spray eye washing device.

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