Eyewash innovation ability is still very weak

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August 27, 2021
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September 14, 2021

Eyewash innovation ability is still very weak

Although the number of employees in eyewash and the total number of eyewash companies is relatively large, the scientific research strength of eyewash is weak, and the corresponding eyewash majors in research institutes, colleges and universities are relatively small. Especially after the eyewash scientific research institute was changed to an eyewash enterprise, most of the eyewash technicians were struggling for survival. Many scientific research institutions mainly sold eyewashes, and did not give full play to their own advantages, even if there are new eyewash researches. Achievements, but due to the inability to promote the eyewash, it cannot be converted into productivity in time, and the eyewash companies have to rely on their own technical strength to develop new products. Because of the different origins of the eyewash companies (state-owned eyewashes, collective eyewashes, and private eyewashes), the capital, equipment, and technical strength of eyewashes are very different, and the starting point is also the same. The overall pattern is less high-starting. For example, the automatic sealing machine for eyewash. In one area, there are nearly 100 eyewash companies in production. The scale is not large. There has not been much change in the past two decades. The production cost of eyewash is greatly reduced due to the implementation of professional production of eyewash. NS. Although this kind of eyewash products is in great demand, the profit margin is very low due to the repeated production of eyewashes in the same area.

In the early 1980s, when China’s eyewashes just entered the market economy, a group of small and medium-sized enterprises that originally manufactured machine tools encountered great difficulties under the impact of the market economy, so they moved to eyewashes with better market prospects. Machinery, food and eyewash industry. In addition, due to the demand in the eyewash market, some eyewash companies have also begun to find a way out in terms of packaging and eyewash machinery.

There are also some eyewashes, such as small liquid eyewashes, which have not changed for more than ten years, and there are many eyewash manufacturers. The low price competition of eyewashes has seriously affected the quality of eyewashes. Many eyewash companies just run behind others, do whatever the equipment is good for, and never consider the intellectual property rights of the eyewash. An eyewash entrepreneur said that in the past he paid great attention to product innovation, but less than half a year after every new eyewash product came out, someone followed suit.

Recently, some eyewash companies found that there are great business opportunities in foreign markets, so they rushed into it. In order to compete for overseas markets, domestic companies are killing each other overseas and bargaining prices desperately. This practice can easily lead to foreign anti-dumping of eyewashes, and by then the loss will not be an eyewash company but the entire industry.

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