Eyewasher use environment and classification

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June 22, 2018
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June 27, 2018

Eyewasher use environment and classification

Eyewasher use environment and classification

In the working environment of chemical companies, from time to time, poisonous and harmful substances are splashed on the body, face, eyes or fire of workers, causing fire of workers’ clothes. It is particularly important to use a decontamination device that minimizes the damage quickly. An eyewash device is a decontamination device that, in an emergency, temporarily mitigates further damage to the body by harmful substances. As early as the 1980s (USA, UK, etc.), most chemical plants, laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, schools, scientific research, and media were widely used. Its purpose is to reduce the harm to the body caused by toxic and harmful substances at work.

Eyewashers and showers are mainly made of stainless steel, copper, and engineering plastics, and should be selected according to different workplaces. Imported products are generally made of ABS engineering plastics; domestic eyewashers and shower device manufacturers are basically using 304 stainless steel, which meets drinking water standards and resists general chemical corrosion. However, for strong acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, strong alkali such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and chloride, fluoride and other strong corrosion environment, the general stainless steel is difficult to resist, which requires the use of imported stainless steel or brass material for ABS immersion Plastic eyewash or stainless steel eyewasher with high performance anti-corrosion. For the cold regions in the north, the temperature of the outlet water in the winter should be considered to be very low or even icing, etc. Manual emptying or foot evacuation and more advanced automatic emptying eye washers can be used to prevent the icing of the eyewash outlet pipe; Electric heating or electric heating equipment can also be used to make the outlet temperature reach the appropriate temperature.

 Eyewash is an effective and rapid method for minimizing damage when a poisonous and harmful substance (such as a chemical liquid, solid, etc.) is splashed on the body, face, eyes or fire of a worker and causes fire in the worker’s clothing. Safety decontamination device. However, eyewash products are only used in emergencies to temporarily mitigate further damage to the body. Further treatment and treatment need to follow the doctor’s instructions.
   Eyewashers currently have two standards: one is the American Eyewash Standard ANSI Z358.1-2004, and the other is the European eyewash standard DIN-12899. At present, many eyewash manufacturers in China generally refer to the American standard for eyewash cleaning.


The service radius of the eye washer and shower device should be within 15m to ensure that the user can reach the device in a straight line within 10s. The equipment must have a working position of at least 3 directions with no obstacles around it for quick use. Eyewash equipment center point 40.6em (16 inches) from any obstacle. There should be no electrical switch around the eyewash to prevent accidents.

   The area of ​​all eyewash and shower must maintain a minimum of 1m wide channel. At the same time, an open area with a diameter of not less than 1.2 m centered on the shower head is to be maintained, and the area must be painted in a safe color.

   In the surroundings of the eyewash and shower equipment, there should be an eye-catching sign. The sign is best used in both Chinese and English bilingual and graphic, very vividly tells the site staff the location and use of eyewash and shower equipment. Luminous indicators can be installed on the equipment, and explosion-proof audible and visual alarms and explosion-proof lights can also be provided. When the equipment is used, other personnel are reminded to come to the rescue.

   There should be a dust cover on each nozzle of the eyewash. Eye wash valve should be easy to operate, and the opening time can not exceed 1s, the valve should have anti-corrosion function. Eye wash nozzle should be added with a filter to avoid sun damage caused by debris in the human body.


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