features of RUNWANGDA laboratory sinks

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March 20, 2019
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March 23, 2019

features of RUNWANGDA laboratory sinks

easy to clean
RUNWANGDA laboratory sinks made of Technical Ceramics pose no problems in terms of cleaning. Whether soiled by dyes, varnishes, dirt or grease – they can all be removed without trace.
Thanks to their extreme hardness
and abrasion resistance our Technical Ceramics products remain totally unaffected, even after undergoing repeated cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents and tools.resistant to chemicals

RUNWANGDA Technical Ceramics products are fully resistant to solvents and chemicals commonly used in the laboratory, e.g. aqua regia, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid and sodium hydroxide, even when used at high concentrations and temperatures and with a long reaction time.

microbiologically pure
RUNWANGDA laboratory sinks can be
decontaminated and disinfected. Their permanently sealed surfaces preclude breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria or germs.

RUNWANGDA laboratory sinks always look just like new. Their exceptional scratch resistance prevents any sign of wear.

heat resistant
RUNWANGDA Technical Ceramics is resistant to heat from open flames and hot objects up to temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius. It is non-flammable and completely fire-proof.

RUNWANGDA Technical Ceramics is manufactured purely and simply from natural earth resources, such as clay, kaolin and feldspar. Such material, which contains no chemical substances, poses no problems
in terms of recycling. RUNWANGDA
Technical Ceramics is thus a classic example of “green” building materials, which represent an important element in implementing “Green Building” concepts. These concepts (e.g LEED, BREEAM) increase resource efficiency in buildings while at the same time reducing damaging effects
on both health and the environment. Laboratory staff are thus active in
a working environment that is free of emissions and thoroughly safe.
RUNWANGDA Technical Ceramics is nonflammable (Euroclass A1) and
does not increase the fire load of buildings.
The RUNWANGDA Technical Ceramics
manufacturing process takes place
in accordance with ISO standards
for general process management
(ISO 9001:2008), for adherence to environmental aspects (ISO 14001:2004) and for implementing an energy management system (ISO 50001:2011). Sustained development and viability is the maxim for using RUNWANGDA Laboratory Technology. This is why we
are also a member of EGNATON – The European Association for Sustainable Laboratory Technologies.

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