Product Description

Combination eyewash stations combine a shower and an eyewash station in one unit. The shower provides a full body rinse to prevent injury after exposure to hazardous materials. Eye washes flush irritants from the eyes to treat and prevent eye damage. These workstations are used in laboratories, chemical plants, paper mills and other environments where potentially hazardous chemicals or materials are present. When installed near areas where hazardous chemicals or materials are handled, they allow quick emergency access.

specification information

model EEWS-310
Material stainless steel 304
surface treatment polished
Assembly function Allows for easier plumbing connection and disconnection
usage Full body soak and face/eye wash can be done individually or simultaneously
Shower and eyewash switch SS304 ball valve
shower head Spin-formed, with beading, diameter 250 mm
Diameter 38mm
Nominal pressure 1.0 MPa
work pressure 0.2~0.4 MPa
Test pressure 1.5 MPa
Working environment temperature requirements 0℃~40℃
body shower flow ≥76L/min
Eye wash/face wash flow ≥11.4 L/min
eye wash flow ≥1.5L/min
Eyebasin features 300mm diameter, vertical bowl wall design, better water collection and splash prevention effect
Dust cover function Integrated with sprinklers (not linked by chain)
Nozzle Features Patented design, each nozzle is equipped with a water flow control valve
Entry thread Rp1″
qualify Rp1″ 
Entrance height (from above floor) 1570mm
Exit height (from above floor) 90 mm
Nozzle spacing 170 mm
Watermark coverage At a height of 1524 mm from the ground, the water pattern covers a circular area with a diameter of at least 510 mm