GBZ1-2010 Industrial Enterprise Design Hygiene Standards

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September 21, 2018
Wall-mounted stainless steel eye wash
HGT 20570.14-1995 Personal Protective Emergency System Setup
September 26, 2018

GBZ1-2010 Industrial Enterprise Design Hygiene Standards

Chinese eyewash design standard

6.1.7 Workplaces where toxic substances may be present or generated should be equipped with on-site first-aid supplies according to the physical and chemical properties and hazard characteristics of toxic substances, and set up flushing spray equipment, emergency evacuation passages, necessary discharge areas and wind vanes. The spill zone should be set low and have a water-permeable layer. Leakage and flushing water should be integrated into the industrial wastewater treatment system.

8.3 Workplaces or workshops where chemical burns may occur and acute poisoning may occur through absorption of skin and mucous membranes. On-site emergency treatment facilities shall be located near the workplace according to the occupational hazards and hazard characteristics that may arise or exist. First-aid facilities should include: continuous water showering, eyewash facilities; gas protective cabinets; personal protective equipment; first aid kits or first aid kits and emergency medicines; stretcher and device for transporting patients; emergency treatment facilities and emergency rescue communication equipment.

8.3.1 Emergency rescue facilities should be clearly marked and regularly maintained in accordance with relevant regulations to ensure their normal operation.

8.3.2 The showering and eyewash facilities should be close to the work place where the corresponding accident may occur.

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