Anti-Icing Eye Wash & Shower ,Foot Treadle, Spraying (WJH0458)
July 19, 2018
How do users choose the right eye wash?
July 26, 2018

Guardian Equipment, Portable Eye Wash

Portable Eye Wash


Product introduction:

  Material: high density polyester material, environmentally safe, to achieve food and drug safety level.
  Capacity: 8 gallons of reserve, 0.4 gallons of water per minute, ensuring 20 minutes of uninterrupted flow and abundant storage.
  Wide injection hole for easy inward tilting and with dust cover.
  Color: green, beautiful and eye-catching.
  Water flow: Since the water outlet has been specially modified, the water flow is more gentle and rich; the water output is not less than 1.5 liters / minute.

  Installation: Can be mounted on a wall or bracket or used with a cart.

Portable Eye Wash Use Video

Please note:
  1. The best rescue should be pre-safety protection. When you or your colleague needs to carry out dangerous goods operation, please wear the following equipment to prevent as much as possible: protective glasses, anti-splash mask, Protective gloves, anti-splash robes, chemical protective clothing, etc.
  2. If the eye enters the acid-alkaline solution, first use the corresponding eyewash for repeated washing, then use the eye washer or medical assistance.
  3. If the liquid you are rinsing is selected as clean water, please replace it regularly. (The replacement cycle is generally 5-7 days).
  4. If you are in a working environment or a place with a hazardous environment, it is recommended that you add a certain amount of special eyewash concentrate to the clean water to relieve eye damage more quickly, and also extend the retention time of the reserve liquid.

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