Heat Traced Shower with Eye Wash , Electric Shower Water Heaters With Eye Wash

emergency shower Eyewash Stations(WJH0458)
June 1, 2018
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June 5, 2018

Heat Traced Shower with Eye Wash , Electric Shower Water Heaters With Eye Wash

Electric Shower Water Heaters With Eye Wash

Heat Traced Shower with Eye Wash

Electric heat emergency eye washer

 Application It is
applicable to petrochemical industry, chemical industry, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and other industries in cold weather areas. It is an essential facility for emergency rescue and rapid cleaning of harmful substances attached to human body.

Performance parameters
 Nominal pressure      Sealing pressure            Working pressure                Sprinkling flow L/min                      Eyewash flow L/min                Applicable conditions
  0.4MPA                           0.45MPA                    0.20~0.40MPA                                    ≥75.5                                                    ≥11.4                         Normal temperature pure water or water standard 


The selection of major performance parameters is based on the United States ANSI Z358.1-2004 standard, taking into account the reduction of harmful substances on the human skin, eye surface damage and stimulation when the accident occurred.

Structural features
1. The product consists of trunk pipes, heating cables, insulation layers and other electrical components.
2. The temperature control device is installed on the cover of the distribution box, which can automatically control the water temperature in the pipe. It has been set to 25°C when leaving the factory. When the inlet water temperature is lower than 25°C, the heating function will be automatically turned on to release the low temperature. It may cause damage; if it needs to be changed, it can also be set by itself. For the setting method, please refer to the “temperature self-tuning function setting operation instruction”.
3. Install a smart light at the shower nozzle port, you can set the switch time yourself. The setting method is set according to the label on the “control switch valve” in the distribution box.
4. Sound and light alarms are installed on the distribution box. Once a user activates the eyewash, the audible and visual alarm will start work, not only telling others that someone is operating here, but also reaching the request for assistance.
5. The use of ceramic core and ball valve control eye wash and shower, easy operation, fast opening and closing, reliable sealing.
6. There is a flow regulating valve to control the eyewash flow. It has been debugged at the factory. However, due to the different pressures used, it can be adjusted to the appropriate flow of the human eye (see the installation and commissioning methods for adjustment). .
7. The eyewash pipeline has a water infiltration hole to empty the residual water in the eyewash nozzle, which is conducive to the cleanliness and anti-freeze of the pipeline (a part of the water will be discharged into the drainpipe when the eye is washed, which will not affect the use effect).

Main material:    pipe, eye wash Pots are high quality stainless steel.

Installation and commissioning
1. The product model, certification, and instructions for use must be reviewed before installation.
2. The installation location should be within 15 meters from the accident-prone ground and within 10 seconds of running speed to reach the flushing point.
3. Unscrew the base, wind the tape around the threads and tighten.
4. Press the hole of the base hole in the floor, install the M10 expansion screw, and fix the base.
5. Turn on the power and the voltage is 220V.
6. Turn on the inlet and drain pipes to check whether the valve switches are flexible and in place. Check whether the eyewash flow is appropriate. Adjust the flow control valve. Adjust the flow control valve: The flow rate is adjusted between the two nozzles. Valve, when adjusting, unscrew the top protective cap, use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the adjustment valve stem, clockwise rotation, flow decreases. Counterclockwise rotation increases.

How to use
1. When the eye wash is needed, push the push switch in the clockwise direction to open (opening angle is 90°), the nozzle will be water, and the push plate will be closed in counterclockwise direction. The nozzle will stop watering. After use, the dust cover needs to be reset.
2. When showering is required, pull the lever down by hand to open it. Water is sprayed from the sprinkler head and the valve lever needs to be reset after use.

Maintenance and precautions
1. More than one comprehensive test shall be conducted each week to check the reliability and effectiveness of the device so as to ensure the emergency and effective use of the device in case of an accident, and to provide reliable protection of personal safety and hygiene. This product is not a medical device. It only performs emergency flushing and reduces the damage to human body caused by harmful substances.
2. In the event of an accident, the victim must select the flushing time based on the hazardous material infringement program. Prepare emergency rescue measures during the period.
3. Due to the large spray flow rate of this equipment, it is not possible to heat the electric heater instantaneously. Only the water temperature of the equipment piping is reserved. Therefore, the water supply piping in the cold area should be kept warm.
4. Place the product in a suitable place and cover it with a special protective cover.
5. There is a grounding wire in the distribution box. Please install a grounding wire.

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