Is common eye lotion harmful to the eye?

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March 22, 2018
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Is common eye lotion harmful to the eye?

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is common eye lotion harmful to the eye?

Medical students to remind again: the eyes should pay special attention to use, there are many of the kind of anti-fatigue eye drops are not suitable for long-term use. For eyes so sensitive, even water to clear, it will inevitably feel uncomfortable.

What kind of nursing fluid is this?

Moreover, the study of the ocular surface toxicity caused by the additive in eye drops suggests that boric acid, as a preservative, can destroy the adhesion of the cornea, while the Sls alcohol Ester 80, which is used as surfactant, can reduce the activity of the conjunctival cells, so long-term contact between the two substances will be harmful to the health of the From the point of view of clean Eye watch. In fact, the eye watch has a certain “self-purification” function.

Each blink will have a small amount of tear evenly coated to the surface of the eyeball to play a protective effect, and every second in the secretion of renewed tears through the coating can scour the dust, so as to play clean eye table function.

Below is a netizen’s comment.

Bruno said: “Any products containing preservatives are not recommended for long-term use

Calvino said: The eye lotion has a certain soothing cleansing effect, but it also contains a lot of preservatives and so on the market many eye drops contain this kind, the suggestion less, the human eye tear itself sterilization clean function, the long-term point eye water and the eye lotion to tear also has the side effect, has many people to say washes out many things,

Because the human eye itself to the circulation of the secretion is not to worry about, there is no need to buy anything, the eye itself will adjust, you often use the computer to suggest you use a hot towel to apply eyes, drink some chrysanthemum medlar,

Louisiana said: “Any products are appropriate to use for the best, advocating the health of the eye, if the work needs, the eyes often excessive fatigue, or long-term make-up, wear invisible eyes, etc., the appropriate use of eye lotion is helpful to the eyes.”

Eye-Wash experts say: In fact, the eye lotion is very good, the key is to find products without preservatives

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