What kind of safety can the eye-washing device bring to people?

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March 4, 2018
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March 6, 2018

What kind of safety can the eye-washing device bring to people?


Often in the television news that spring and summer is the season of rain fire, so we all have a certain understanding of the life season, in what season to do what security measures.

Rain, we are easy to solve Definitely, but the fire more serious danger, engaged in fire industry personnel, relatively dangerous at the same time great, then, I would like to engage in such a great industry personnel to say that our country for our Ann All, already started to use the new product, that is the eye-washing device.

The eye-washing device is a quick way to minimize damage when toxic substances (such as chemical liquids) splash into workers ‘ bodies, faces, eyes or fire-causing workers ‘ clothing to fire. Effective safety protection articles.

There are many kinds of eye-washing device, which can be selected according to the needs of its own factory and school: 1.

Compound Eye Washer: There is a sprinkler system which is directly installed on the ground,

2.Vertical Eye Washer: No sprinkler system with eye-wash system installed directly on the ground,

3. Wall-mounted eye washer: No sprinkler system with eye-wash system installed directly on the wall,

4. Desktop Eye Washer: No sprinkler system is installed directly on the worktable surface,

5.Sprinkler system: There is no eye-cleaning system installed directly on the ground,

6. Spray head: There is no sprinkler system directly installed in the wall, ceiling.

These kinds of eye-washing are just one of the things we learn. That’s the fixed type eye washer.

In the event of a fire, when the chemical burning, the irritation of our eyes is very uncomfortable, according to the physiological characteristics of the eye, after the stimulation in 15 seconds after the capillary expansion reached the maximum, absorption

The chemicals will accelerate, so we will have less cleaning in 15 seconds, reducing the risk of life. Therefore, the current safety supplies eye-washing device, is targeted to show the use of large. Whether it is a fireman or a chemical factory worker, or a medical skill, is very suitable.

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