Lab Fume Exhaust system : Extraction arm & Ceiling Fume Exhaust pipe

laboratory PP cup sink
January 22, 2017
Exhaust Hood for lab
Laboratory Fume Exhaust Hood Universal
January 27, 2017

Lab Fume Exhaust system : Extraction arm & Ceiling Fume Exhaust pipe

1. Material: PP
2. Ceiling / wall mounted
3. Main parameter:
PP pipe diameter: 75mm
Collect Air Cover diameter: 385mm
Rated displacement: 180m3
Effective radius of transparent cover: R870mm
The biggest stretch degree: 135
Vertical stretch maximum distance: 1770mm
Length of fixed support: 1030mm
Conduit joint outer diameter: 100mm

lab fume exhaust

JointHigh grade pp to be 360°swiveled,easy to dimantle,assemble&clean
Sealing ringLow-friction treated rubber
Center bolt304 stainless steel
Adjustable joint knobTotally brass with a s/s bearing inside locked with center bolt
Damperto adjust air flow with a knob manually
Dome/cup hoodHigh grade PP/PC
Tube75mm/pp/PVC/aluminium alloy
Swing devicewith 360°swing device,take fixed rack as centre,max enabing movement radius to 1600mm
Installation BracketInjection of plastics from a complete Mold,Mountng panel strongly connected to the joint

> Can be stretched in any direction
> Can stop anywhere in three-dimensional space
> Equipped with internal frame in order to reduce pressure loss
> Can be continuously used at 100 °C high temperature
>Desk mounted type. Length: 1.0m; Diameter: 50mm
>Material: aluminum


the tubes of the system are made of polypropylene(PP)

Applicability and feature

Applicability: the fume extraction hood system is a kind of high efficiency device specially designed for using in laboratories frequently. It is applicable to environment that has close contact with volatile corrosive substances, can remove harmful gas, smoke and dust, ensure the ideal and safe air quality, keep away hazardous substances from the human body effectively, and protect the healthy of the user. It has been widely used in various experiment and production fields, such as electronic engineering, laser technology, chemistry, medical treatments, pharmacy, food industry, laboratories, production factories, schools and the like, which promotes the productivity and working performance effectively.


The product can keep hanging status automatically. The system is connected with crosshead made of stainless steel to reduce noise and loss of pressure, and it can be adjusted to any place conveniently by independent sustaining springs(inside/outside).

Simple to operate: it is very easy to operate and maintain, can be adjusted to another place by one hand, and can be disassembled and washed without any tools.

Easy to install: it can be easily installed on the table, on the wall or ceiling, and can also be installed on the production equipment.

The Laboratory Fume/Dust Extraction Arm is perfect small articulated suction arm constructed from strong corrosion resistant PVC. The unit is fitted with a clear plastic, see through hood. Its 76 mm dia.and is around 1000 mm long.

lab furniture universal fume hood extraction hood-1

The RWD is perfect for the removal of fume and dust in laboratories, electronic / soldering applications, nail polish fumes in beauty parlours + many other applications. They can be wall or counter mounted.



lab furniture universal fume hood extraction hood

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