Laboratory Fume Exhaust : ceiling fume extraction arm | Universal Fume Extraction Hood

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February 22, 2017
Lab Fume Exhaust Arm, exhaust hood Arm, wall mounted exhaust hood Arm
February 26, 2017

Laboratory Fume Exhaust : ceiling fume extraction arm | Universal Fume Extraction Hood

Ceiling Mounted Fume Arm / Table Mounted Fume Arm / Wall Mounted Fume Arm

These smaller arms are designed specifically for soldering or laboratory work. These arms can be supplied with brackets allowing them to be wall, ceiling, or table mounted. Typical systems have diameters of 3″ and can reach up to 84″. Polypropylene joints and aluminum construction is standard. Many optional fume hoods, lengths, and constructions exist to fit your application.

MaterialsHigh grade PP, to be 360° swiveled, dismantled and assembled easily for cleaning
Guiding ringLow-friction treated rubber.
Center bolt:304# stainless steel.
Adjustable joint knob:High grade PP with a moded-in s/s bearing locking with center bolt.
Damper:To manually adjust air flow with a knob.
Dome/cup hood:High grade PP/PC.
Installation bracket:Injection of plastics from a complete mold,mounting panel strongly conecting to the joint.
Optional Cover:Used for covering around the tube cutout on the ceiling.
Features:1. This universal fume extraction hood series prouducts are specially designed and manufactured for protecting environment of the modern laboratory.
 2. They are flexible, easy to operate, and can keep air of the laboratory clean by exhausting harmful smoke effective
 2. Real stuff, perfect combination of advanced design and excellent technics.

Our Extractor Arm Fume Hoods are primarily used for local fumes, odors and air streams. Most labs use a 2″, 3″ or 4″ diameter arm. The size of the arm is determined by the airflow that you need.

Our extractor arms feature a versatile bench, ceiling or wall mounting capability so you can place the arm where it suits you best. From self-assembly kits to tailor-made solutions, our arms are available in self assembly kits, which include a fan and filter, a fan speed controller, hoses, table bracket and connectors. The kit provides a quick and convenient solution for creating a fume-free workplace.

Six different extractor arm fume hoods kits are available. We have both the products and the experience required to create customized extraction solutions, large or small.

Our bench top extractor arms can be used in every type of environment, ranging from assembly stations, where solder fumes are extracted, to laboratories, where protection against highly corrosive or noxious gases is vital.


Ceiling cover plate for mounting FX Arm through an inner ceiling

1. Remove a required number of inner ceiling plates.

2. Fasten the bracket against the upper ceiling. Ensure that the surface, on which to mount the bracket is level and use the bracket to mark the holes. Use vibration secured fixing bolts and nuts suitable for the ceiling material. The bolts must each stand a torque force of minimum 7500 N (1650 lbs).

3. If necessary, cut the extension arm to a suitable length.

4. Fit the extension arm to the bracket.

5. Make a hole in the affected inner ceiling plate.

Hole diameter; 200 mm. N.B. The ceiling plate must not be devided.
6. Refit the lower ceiling plate.

Lab fittings

7. Choose a stamped disc on the ceiling cover plate suiting the ventilation duct. Fold it to and fro until it comes loose. Support the discs that are not required to be removed.

8. Fasten the ceiling cover plate. Press it against the inner ceiling.

9. Mount a suitable ventilation duct.

10.Multiple joints new type of movable arm, can connect to single or multiple joints according to the actual Conditions.

Ideal for removing soldering exhaust, solvent fumes, laboratory vapors, and other harmful gases in repair shops, educational facilities, arts studios, salons, and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and research facilities.electronic industry, soldering, laboratory, beauty salon, metal processing workshop, jewelry processing workshops, schools, factories chemical laboratory, mechanical processing workshop.

Fume flexiable extraction arms:

Body material: chemical resistant polypropylene;
3 arms joints ceiling mounted syestem;
Hood diameter:385mm
Air suction volume:140-400m3/h(80-235CFM)
Maximum arm extension:2630mm


Wall-mounted Universal Fume Extraction Hood / Lab Fitting
.Universal Exhausted Hood,laboratory extractor

Fume Exhaust
PP Ceiling and Wallmount Fume Extraction Arm/Laboratory Fume Exhaust/Lab fittings

wall mounted ss fume exhaust (pc/ss) (3 joints)/lab fittings,and other fittings equipped with lab furniture


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