Marine eye wash, deck emergency spray eye wash, composite emergency forester

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January 28, 2018
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January 31, 2018

Marine eye wash, deck emergency spray eye wash, composite emergency forester

WJH0458 eye wash

I. Marine eye wash, deck emergency spray eye wash, application of composite emergency forester

1. When the user wears chemical protective clothing and enters the field for work or rescue, he needs to use the emergency shower eye washer to spray and wash the eyes.
2. During the fire fighting process, when the firefighters are on fire, they can use the shower device of the emergency eye-washing device to extinguish the fire.
3. When the user’s face or arm is splashed with chemicals, it can be flushed using the eyewash system of the compound eye washer.
4. The product meets the American ansi z358-1 2004 standard and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fire protection, electric power, nuclear energy, machinery manufacturing, automobile shipbuilding, casting, painting, printing and dyeing, medicine, medical and other industries.

2. Introduction to emergency shower eye wash
Composition: The product consists of a spray system and an eye wash system
Material: stainless steel 304 non-toxic material, good corrosion resistance
Style: manual / pedal type
Performance: anti-corrosion, anti-acid, alkali, salt solution
Water output: Eyewash nozzle flow rate 12–18 liters / minute. Sprinkler flow rate is 120-180 liters / minute

Marine eye wash, deck emergency spray eye washer, composite emergency forester installation requirements
1. Must be installed near the hazardous work area, the effective rescue radius is 10 or 15 meters.
2. Within the 1.5 m radius of the composite eye washer, there must be no electrical switch to avoid short circuiting of the appliance.
3. Drinking water must be connected and the water pressure requirement must not be less than 3.5 kg.
4. Inlet size: 5/4 inches, outlet size: 5/4 inches.

Use of emergency shower eye washer
1. Push the switch valve by hand (or use the pedal type), the eye wash water is automatically sprayed from the eye wash system; after use, the switch valve must be reset and the dust cover should be reset.
2. Lightly pull the valve lever by hand, the water is automatically sprayed from the sprinkler head of the sprinkler system; the valve rod must be reset after use.

V. Structure of emergency shower eye washer
1. Eye wash nozzle: A water spray port for cleaning the eyes and face.
2. Eye wash head dust cover: dustproof device for protecting eye wash head.
3. Shower head: A water spout for cleaning the whole body.
4. On-off valve: A valve device used to open and close the water flow, splitting and pedaling.
5. Water pipe: A device used to direct water flow.
6. Filter: Used to filter out debris entering the eye wash.
7. Base: Fixed eye wash.

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