304 Safety Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station
November 20, 2018
Emergency Shower And Eye Wash laboratory equipment – WJH0358A-1
November 21, 2018

Pedestal-Mount Eyewash Stations

Pedestal Mount Plastic Eye Wash Bowl Eye Wash Station

The pedestal mounted eye wash station is a free standing unit that is mounted to the floor.  It is easy and convenient for workers to use in an emergency. This type offers both eyewash and eye/face washes.  They can be purchased in plastic and stainless models. If there isn’t any room on a wall for a wall mounted eyewash, this style might be ideal for your workplace if plumbing comes up from the floor or out from a wall. 

ItemPedestal-Mount Eyewash
SprayheadStainless steel material, matched with filter traps, falling soft bubble water flow, to wash the harmful substance in the eyes and reduce the second injury.
MountingFloor Mount
Eyewash Bowl MaterialStainless Steel
OperationPush Handle

Twin spray heads.
Flip-top dust covers.
Built-in filters for clean water.
Plumbing required.
Recommended for machine shops, labs and janitorial closets.
Stainless Steel – Corrosion resistant for harsh environments and outdoor use.
Includes eyewash station, emergency sign and inspection tag.

Pedestal-Mounted Emergency Stainless Steel Eye Wash Station

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