PS Double faces adjustable pegboard,FJ5304AA PP pegboard

Double way lab tap fitting
July 1, 2018
FJ5304A PS Single face adjustable pegboard(With Back board)
July 11, 2018

PS Double faces adjustable pegboard,FJ5304AA PP pegboard

PP Double faces adjustable pegboard

The PP pegboard is made of high quality plastic, which has excellent weatherability andcorrosion resistance. The whole is not mouldy, and the PP Pegs are not easy to fall off.
It is easy to install, whether it is fixed on the wall or on the worktop, is strong and durable.

specifications of PS Double faces adjustable pegboard

Material:High grade PP/Stainless steel
Type:Single faced/double faced Tray hole for water drainage

detachable peg,convenient for use
Installation:Panel mounted/desk mounted
Features of PS Double faces adjustable pegboard
It is equipped with 80 PS Pegs, including 60 standard PS pegs (diameter 15mm)and 20 slight PS Pegs (diameter 6mm), with lock button function and high bearing strength
The using quantities of PS Pegs can be placed according to the actual size of the vessel, and it is easy to disassemble.
The bottom of the bracket is equipped with seamless drainage holes, and the sloping design can quickly drain away the liquid.
The drain pipe can be connected to the liquid outlet of the drain liquid tank.
Equip fixed fittings of installation 72 hole positions

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