Kombinácia Núdzové sprchy & video inštalácie Eye Wash WJH0358A-1

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október 18, 2018
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október 18, 2018

Kombinácia Núdzové sprchy & video inštalácie Eye Wash WJH0358A-1

Špecifikácia výrobku / Vlastnosti

1. Celé telo je vyrobené z nerezovej ocele, which well be accord with the lustration grade, firm and resistant chemical.
2. umývanie Eye is suitable for cleaning eyes, tvár a ruky; the spray head can be use of washing the whole body.
3. Eye wash and spray shower can be used at the same time, also separately use.
4 Switch of the spray shower is controlled by the top of the handle; the flow is steady and ample.
5. Height of the bowl is condign, a couple water bore supply is humanistic design, the height and angle design is according to the proportion of the face.
6. Outlet water bore has been dealt with, make the water more mild, in order to protect the eyes from being harmed.
7. Valve-switch make the operation simple, only to touch the knob when eye wash is operated.
8. Drain directly, the used water flow directly through the tube which is in the bowl, takže to nebolo znečisťovateľ.

Competitive Advantages

Well and High Quality Control ,
Prompt Delivery ,
New Product ,
Competitive Prices ,
Small Order Acceptable ,
OEM Accepted

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