combination shower & Eye Wash Room(WJH0784)
December 21, 2017
Vertical water storage type eyewash stations
December 21, 2017

Stainless steel combination shower & Eye Wash Room(WJH0786)

WJH0786 Stainless steel combination shower & Eye Wash Room

The shower head is stainless steel , used for washing the body. For the eyes, face, neck and arms and other parts, the sprayer head with foaming device, water is soft,in the middle of the two nozzles is provided with a flow control valve, self adjusting.
The central posterior wall is provided with a water inlet G1¼”; collecting tank is provided below, at the bottom of the box is provided with a G1¼” outlet, prevent sewage outflow eyewash and shower.

1. Shower system: Versatile stainless steel sprayer head, be used to show the body, the overflow water can cover the whole body.
2. Wash eyes system: Be used to wash eyes, face, cervix and arm etc parts, built-in spumous components, softened water spray for eye protection. The center between sprayer head pipeline has flux adjustable valve, can adjust itself.
3. Shower house: In the rearward of middle set G1 1/4”inlet; In the bottom of room set water tank, in the bottom set G1 1/4” outlet, to avoid dreggy water overflow; In the bottom of outside house can set PE wheels, which of diameter is 100mm, convenient to move.

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