Stainless steel eye wash (WJH0359C) use and maintenance

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September 24, 2019
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October 29, 2019

Stainless steel eye wash (WJH0359C) use and maintenance

Stainless steel eye wash (WJH0359C) use and maintenance

  • use

Emergency eyewash has been widely adopted by most factories and laboratories in developed industrial countries, and is an essential equipment for safety and labor protection. It is used to reduce the damage to the body caused by acid, alkali, organic matter and other toxic and corrosive substances. Widely used in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.

  • Eyewash definition:

    An effective safety product that quickly minimizes the hazard when a chemical liquid splashes on the worker’s body, face, eyes, or fire causing the worker’s clothing to catch fire.

  • Main performance parameters

Pressure rating MPa

Flow rate L/min

Applicable conditions

Nominal pressure

Sealing pressure

Work pressure


Normal temperature pure water or water that meets hygienic standards




    The main performance parameters are selected in accordance with the American ANSI Z358.1-2004 standard, taking into account the harm and stimulation of harmful substances on human skin and ocular surface layer in the event of an accident.

  • Structural features (with photos)

1. Use a ball valve to control eye wash. The operation is convenient, the opening and closing is fast, and the sealing is reliable.

2. There is flow control valve, which can be adjusted by itself (see installation and commissioning for adjustment method).

3. The blinking pipe is provided with water seepage holes to drain the residual water in the eye wash nozzle, which is beneficial to the pipeline cleaning and anti-freezing (a part of the water is drained into the lower water pipe when the eye is washed, which does not affect the use effect)

  • Main material : high quality stainless steel.
  • Installation and commissioning :

1. The product model, certificate, instruction manual and packing list must be re-examined before installation.

2. The installation position should be within 15 meters from the accident-prone area, and the flushing position can be reached within 10 seconds of running speed.

3. Install the wall seat: Draw the hole location according to the screw hole of the wall seat, install the M10 expansion screw, and fix the wall seat. The installation position should be 65cm~75cm from the center of the wall seat.

4. Connecting the main body portion: screw the main body portion and the wall seat G11⁄4″ by any connection. Then connect the bowl portion and the eye wash nozzle portion.

5. Switch on the inlet pipe and drain pipe. Check if the ball valve switch is flexible, in place, and there is no jamming.

6. The adjustment method of the flow regulating valve: the middle of the two nozzles is a flow regulating valve. It has been debugged at the factory. However, due to the difference in water supply pressure and flow rate, it can be re-adjusted on site during installation to adjust the flow to the human eye. Adjust the method to unscrew the top protective cap, use a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the adjusting valve stem, rotate clockwise, and reduce the flow. The flow rate is increased counterclockwise.

  • Instructions

Press the clock switch in the clockwise direction to open (opening angle 90°), the nozzle will be out of water, and the push plate will be pulled back in the counterclockwise direction to close the nozzle.

  • maintenance

1. Conduct more than one comprehensive test every week to verify the reliability and effectiveness of the device to ensure emergency and effective use in the event of an accident, and to provide reliable personal and health protection. This product is not a medical device, it only serves as an emergency flushing and reduces harmful substances to the human body.

2. In the event of an accident, the victim must select the flushing time according to the infringement procedure of the hazardous substance. Prepare emergency rescue measures during the period.

  • Common faults and troubleshooting

Serial number

Common malfunctions


elimination method


Small amount of water from the nozzle

a. Adjust the valve stem to adjust the overshoot.

b. The flow regulating valve is blocked.

a. Rotate the adjustment lever counterclockwise

b. Flushing flow control valve


Large amount of water from the nozzle

Adjustment lever is not adjusted in place

Rotate the adjustment lever clockwise


Washing basin water

Sewer pipe blockage

Eliminate blockages


Stainless steel eye wash (WJH0359C)

Packing List

After unpacking, please check the number of accessories according to the following list to check whether there is any damage in transportation. If there is any problem or the quantity is insufficient, please contact our local distributor or the company immediately, and you will get a satisfactory answer.

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