Stainless Steel Emergency Shower & Eye Wash – WJH0959
December 9, 2017
Single Cold-hot Assay Faucet -WJH1316
December 10, 2017

Stainless Steel Lab Combination Emergency Shower-WJH0858

Emergency Shower

Stainless Steel Lab Combination Emergency Shower

Stainless Steel Lab Combination Emergency Shower-WJH0858

Product Features

304 Stainless steel. High gloss epoxy powder.

Emergency Shower: 304 stainless steel inlet pipe, s/s stay-open ball valve with s/s actuating arm, s/s pull rod & s/s shower head.

Eye washer: 304 stainless steel inlet pipe, s/s stay-open ball valve with flag handle & s/s eye wash bowl.

Spray head: Chemical resistant PP/Solid brass, built-in stainless steel filter to remove impurities from water.

Foot treadle stainless steel available: Activating eye wash valve.

Main function parameters


Flux L/Min











Tepid water






Choosing these data is considering the hurt to the skin, eye(s), when accidents happen.

*Structure characteristic (attached figure)

  1. Epoxy coating, high resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
  2. The SS ball valve and screw seal structure, to control shower and eye wash separately. Operation is flexible and the seal is safety, longer using life.
  3. Set the seepage hole in the pipe of eye wash, can drain off the residual water in the sprayer head of eye wash, which will help to clean pipes and antifreeze(part of the water drained into the downcomer, will not affect the using.

Stainless combination shower eye wash, which well accord with lustration grade, is the same with semiconductor, laboratory, medical treatment etc., the professional locale.

1. The whole body is made of stainless steel, which well be accord with the lustration grade, firm and resistant chemical.

2. Eye wash is suitable for cleaning eyes, face and hands; The spray head can be use of washing the whole body.

3. Eye wash and spray shower can be used at the same time, also separately use.

4. Switch of the spray shower is controlled by the top of the handle; The flow is steady and ample.

5. Height of the bowl is condign, a couple water bore supply is humanistic design, the height and angle design is according to the proportion of the face.

6. Outlet water bore has been dealt with, make the water more mild, in order to protect the eyes from being harmed.

7. Valve-switch make the operation simple, only to touch the knob when eye wash is operated.

8. Drain directly, the used water flow directly through the tube which is in the bowl, so it hasn’t polluter.

9. On the base of the emergency grade in the locale, can add the alarms, when to operate the on-off, it is active, to put in mind of the others.

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