Stainless steel Tabletop Emergency Eye Wash Station

Difference between Stainless steel Eye Wash Stations and Plastic eyewash ?
April 5, 2018
Eyewash Station, Pedestal Mounted, Hand/Foot Control, Stainless Steel Bowl
Stainless steel vertical Emergency eye wash : Pedestal Mounted, Bowl and Cover
April 6, 2018

Stainless steel Tabletop Emergency Eye Wash Station

Tabletop-Mounted Eyewash

Product Description:

Desktop ABS monocular Mobile Eye washer selection of imported high-quality ABS Engineering Plastics, with super acid, alkali, salt, oil and other chemical substances corrosion, effluent by the treatment of slow pressure bubble-like water column, flow open, locking function can be completed, the valve can be automatically closed, at the same time with flow control valve, Can be adjusted according to the water supply pressure to the eye the most suitable flow

1. Tube wall thickness, corrosion resistance, ABS coating, corrosion resistance

350*300 copy 17

RUNWANGDA safety eyewash after repeated tests, testing and testing after the selection of 3MM wall thickness industrial pipe, the particularity of its raw materials, so that the eyewash device has a strong corrosion resistance, not easily broken characteristics. According to the extremely high acid-base corrosion environment, ABS anti-corrosion coating technology is introduced to increase the corrosion resistance of the eyewasher by 30% to 40%.

2. Eyes flushed with even water, flushing effect is best

Desktop binocular eye wash water effect

Using Europe and the United States advanced technology, repeatedly measuring after processing to make the height of the flushing eye at the same level, achieve the best water effect, and minimize the damage during the flushing process.


3. Quick water discharge, easy to use

Desktop Eye Washer

RUNWANGDA safety stainless steel eyewashers are using advanced technology, controlled by a single ball valve into and out of the water, when used, only need to gently withdraw the push handle to flush out.

4. Easy and quick installation, small footprint

  Tabletop-Mounted Eyewash

RUNWANGDA safety stainless steel desktop eyewash canbe very simple and convenient to install on the desktop, without a lot of manual operation, is the best choice to save space and labor costs.



Overall material

Industrial stainless steel

Product Features

Emergency eye wash

Import and export trail

DN32 (1.2 inch)

Inlet pressure

0.2-0.6 MPa

Rushing traffic


Addable device

Luminous indicator board, employee safety operation training board, etc.

Modified custom

Can be customized according to customer drawings

Package Size


product weight

3 KG


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