Stainless steel vertical Emergency eye wash : Pedestal Mounted, Bowl and Cover

Tabletop-Mounted Eyewash
Stainless steel Tabletop Emergency Eye Wash Station
April 5, 2018
Stainless Steel Emergency Shower & Eye Wash – WJH0358A
April 6, 2018

Stainless steel vertical Emergency eye wash : Pedestal Mounted, Bowl and Cover

Eyewash Station, Pedestal Mounted, Hand/Foot Control, Stainless Steel Bowl

Standing Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Stainless Steel Bowl

Stainless Steel Safety Station with Eye/Face Wash Station, Bowl and Cover

Material: Stainless steel/stainless steel Paint

Coating: fine polishing/high brightness epoxy coating

Shower: SUS304 Stainless steel inlet pipe (38mm), ball valve switch, round rod (diameter 6mm) and shower head

Eye Washer: SUS304 stainless steel inlet pipe (38mm), ball valve switch and eye wash basin

Sprinkler head: High density PP, built-in stainless steel strainer, filter water Sundries

Note: After the wash eye stops using, the pipe accumulates the water automatically to empty, achieves the antifreeze goal

Installation and Commissioning

1. Before installation, we must retest the product model number, certificate, Operation manual and packing list.

2. The installation position should be within 15 meters from the accident easily, and the running speed can reach the flushing place within 10 seconds.

3. According to the diagram of the components for assembly, the parts connected to the need for winding seals (such as PTFE raw material belt), respectively, according to the inlet, outlet pipe diameter connected to the pipe.

4. Connect into, drain, check the ball valve switch is flexible in place, there is no blocking phenomenon.

Use Method

Press clockwise to push the push plate switch to open (open angle 90°), the sprinkler is the water, press the counterclockwise direction to pull back to push the plate to close, the nozzle stops the effluent. The dust cover should be reset after use.

Maintenance and Maintenance

1. More than once a week to carry out a comprehensive test, testing the reliability and effectiveness of the device to ensure that the accident occurs when the effective use of emergency, reliable provision of personal safety and health protection.2

2. This product is not a medical device, only emergency flushing and reduce the harmful effects of damage to the human body. 3. In case of accident, the victim shall choose the flushing time according to the procedure of harmful substances infringement. During the preparation of emergency rescue measures.

 Performance parameters

Nominal pressure

Sealing pressure

Working pressure

Eyewash flow L/min

Applicable conditions





Normal temperature pure water or water standard

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