Portable Eye Wash ® – Keep your eyes free from injury
May 2, 2018
Wall Mounted Eyewash Station, stainless steel Bowl
May 10, 2018

Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Eyewash

Wall Mount Eyewash Stations | Wall Mount Eye Wash

Galvanized Steel + ABS coating Wall Mount Eyewasher.

  • Complies with ANSI/ISEA Standard Z358.1
  • Galvanized steel supply & waste pipes protected with BRADTECT safety yellow coating
  • Barrier-free design – fully accessible to people with physical disabilities
  • Universal identification sign and inspection tag included
  • Eyewash exceeds minimum water flow of 0.4 GPM at 30 PSI

Product Description: It is used for emergency rescue to flush the injured eye and face, reduce the injury and avoid secondary injury. Galvanized steel wall-mounted eye washer, super corrosion resistant. Applications: Nuclear power, petroleum, chemicals, machinery manufacturing, automotive shipbuilding, casting, painting, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, medical and other industries.

    Technical Instruction Engineer

Graduated from: Shanghai Jiao Tong University – School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Master of Engineering. Proficient in mechanical drawing, won many intermediate certificates in the field of machinery. Proficient in, and adept at solving various troubleshooting problems in customer applications, can repair equipment failure in a short time.

    Eyewash Engineer 

Graduated from: Missouri University of Science and Technology, Senior Engineer. Expertise analyzes and reviews the parts in the design process. The design, improvement, and improvement of parts and components make it possible to optimize the structure and process of the parts. This is the result of the product’s appearance, quality, cost, and practical optimization.
1.Separate supply and waste pipesto eye/face wash are an industry first and Bradley exclusive! Meets CEN and Plumbing requirements
2.Enhanced dust cover design in clear translucent yellow allowing for easy inspection. When the cover is opened, water flow starts automatically – giving the user instant relief.
3.New ergonomic hand activation paddle is easy to reach from any direction.
4.The Aquaduct design is the only self-draining design for standard eyewash models – another industry first and Bradley exclusive. The self-draining Aquaduct helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth when the unit is not in use.
5.​Integral strainer inside the Aquaduct reduces debris in the water for additional eye protection and also prevents clogging.
6.New dust cover caps on the eyewash are hinged for a more secure hold – keeping dust and debris off the water spout.

Technical Parameters

product brandRunwangda
product materialMain piece of 304 stainless steel / Pipe galvanized / ABS coating
Working pressure0.2-0.4MPa
FlowEyeflow 12 litres/minute

The thickness of the coating is 250-300μm . The product meets the requirements of the US ANSI Z358-1-2004 standard.

The soft foam of the eye wash nozzle

Moisture flow,50% more efficientthan ordinary eyewash nozzles

Product performanceSuper chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, oils, etc.
Optional device

Security warning posts; production brand; antifreeze; induction; filtering, etc.   

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Package weight39*37*16CM 3.5KG/box

1 . The basis of product quality assurance on the effective lower product costs – environmental permits, consider the price factor of choice

The use of galvanized steel material and ABS powder impregnation, ABS powder adhesion strength is very strong, the thickness of 250-300 microns, effectively solve the cost of the general environment of the enterprise to save the problem.

2. The equipment is small in size, easy to install, and effective in saving labor costs for customers

U.S. technology has been introduced to improve and upgrade traditional eyewash devices. The installation is simple and convenient. It requires no manual operations and can save 80% of labor costs.

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