troubleshotings of Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash

Lab Shower-Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations
June 18, 2018
Combination Eyewash and Shower
June 20, 2018

troubleshotings of Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash

Eye/Face Wash

1.No Flow

Check the main shut-off valve.
2.insufficient water flow

Verify minimum 30psi flowing supply line pressure.
Probable clogging of flow control due to inadequate line flushing. Unscrew eye/face wash head and remove the four screws to disassemble the head. Clean flow control and reassemble head. See SP65 Installation Drawing for details.
Remove cap located on L — Strainer using a 3/8″ allen wrench to access and clean filter screen.

3.Eyewash or face wash streams do not meet desired eye level or are not balanced.

Possible blocked flow control, see above solution. Possible non-leveled eyewash assembly.

4. water doesn’t drain properly
Check the main waste line of your building to see if it does handle the capacity required for the entire drainage system.


Features of RWD Eye/Face Wash :
Flow Regulation
In-Line Strainer
Key Components Assembled
System Certified
Upgraded Ball Valves

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