Unique Features of Shower and EyeWash: New Type Personal Protective Systems

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February 21, 2018
February 25, 2018

Unique Features of Shower and EyeWash: New Type Personal Protective Systems

Runwangda Eyewash
Combination station with eye/face wash with dual spray outlets, flip top dust covers and stainless steel bowl Stainless steel stanchion with a deluge showerhead. Activated by a stainless steel pull rod.

Unique Features of Eyewash : Runwangda Products

Aerated water for Eyewashes
Aerated water has two very important benefits. First, the aerated water is very soft and easy on the eyes. To cleanse eyes from contaminants, it is recommended that eyes be flushed for 15 minutes. Having a soft spray on the eyes makes it easy for the user to continue with the eye washing. The second benefit of aerated water is that the air bubbles in the water help the water flow smoothly over the eyeball and help scrub the contaminant off the eye surface quickly and efficiently.

Impeller action safety showerheads
The impeller swirls and spins the water as it leaves the showerhead so that not only does the user get the downward washing effect of the water, but the vortex of spinning water also splashes onto the user at angles a pure downpour shower can not reach washing and scrubbing the user quickly and efficiently.

High visibility yellow
The critical activation devices and outlets of Runwangda products are clearly indicated by high visibility yellow components.

Powder coated finish
Runwangda’s steel shower stanchions, brackets, etc. are powder coated to provide a clean, attractive and durable surface finish that will last.

Tepid Water
A New requirement for safety products in the U.S. is that the water emitted from a safety eyewash or safety shower must be tepid, which is generally defined to be between 18 degree C and 34 degrees C. Runwangda provides an array of tempering valves that make all our products compliant to tepid water requirements.

Heat traced units certified by Factory Mutual
Runwangda is the only manufacturer who has certified the entire heat traced shower system to Factory Mutual requirements.

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