using instruction of vertical emergency eye wash

Wall-mounted stainless steel eye washer
December 20, 2018
December 30, 2018

using instruction of vertical emergency eye wash

Instructions for use and use of vertical eye wash:

1. The eye wash must be installed in a hazardous work area. Within the scope of the ANSI standard, it is within 15 meters of the work area and within 10 meters of the door.

2. The eye wash must be free of any obstructions

3. The eye wash must be taken weekly to test whether the eye wash can be activated and all functions are used.

4. Teaching safety equipment to all personnel in the job. Shanghai Hongan has free courses available to major users.

5. After the eyewash is activated, it must be rinsed for 15 minutes and then consult a doctor immediately. The nearby staff must assist the victim.


How to use the eyewash:

Remove the dust cover

2. Push the eyewash valve by hand

3. Eye wash will automatically eject

4. Perform a 15 minute rinse

5. Switch valve reset

6. Get medical attention immediately

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