Portable Eye Wash Instruction
March 27, 2018
Stainless steel lab table mounted eyes washer-WJH1555A
March 30, 2018

Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash-WJH0358C

Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash-WJH0358C

Specifications of Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash

Name:Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash


Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash Limited working space and laboratory more need to advance the rate of using, the wall Eye washer are cabinet and convenient.

Sprayer head: The flux of spray head shower & washer is ample, installing conveniently, Saves space.

Tube: The body of tube is made of stainless steel; Make sure the products firm and Quality, resistant to the chemicals.

Switch: The sign of operation near by the knob operate simply.


  1. The ceramic and ball valve controls spray and eye wash respectively. It is easily operate and you may assure the quality.
  2. Set the seepage hole in the pipe of eye wash, can drain off the residual water in the sprayer head of eye wash, which will help to clean pipes and antifreeze(part of the water drained into the downcomer, will not affect the using.


Located near happen accident place, see easily and usage conveniently. Can install wall or bracket, or can use with go-cart, mounting height is installation schematic diagram; when open the eye wash arm, the sprayer should be 83.8cm~114.3cm above ground.


Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash-WJH0358C SIZE PDF DOWNLOAD


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