Wall-mounted stainless steel emergency eye washer
December 17, 2018
using instruction of vertical emergency eye wash
December 26, 2018

Wall-mounted stainless steel eye washer

Wall-mounted stainless steel eye washer

The main parts are made of high quality stainless steel, and the outer surface is electro statically sprayed with a powder coating.
 The water inlet is controlled by G1⁄2′′ ball valve, which is easy to operate, fast to open and close, and reliable in sealing.
 Eye-washing nozzle: It is made of ABS material and copper insert molding. It has built-in bubbler and has filter foam and dustproof function. The dust cover on the top is usually dustproof, and can be washed away by water at any time. Reduce the short high water pressure when suddenly opening, to avoid hurting your eyes.
 The eye-opening pipeline is provided with water-permeable holes to drain the residual water in the eye-washing nozzle, which is conducive to the cleaning and anti-freezing of the pipeline (a part of the water is drained into the lower water pipe when the eye is washed, and the effect is not affected)

Eye Washing Station – Wall-mounted – Double Head – Stainless Steel
The eye washing station is wall-mounted and features a double head. The body metal is stainless steel, and the spray head that presses against the eye is made out of soft rubber. The maximum working pressure is 7 bar.

The eye washing station is mounted to a surface and connected to a water line. There is a protective dust cap on the unit, which needs to be removed prior to use. Water flows out of the unit and into the eye of an affected person, flushing out harmful agents.

The eye washing station is ideal for laboratories in medical or educational settings and for other environments where potentially harmful chemicals are in use.

Technical Details

Parent Metal:Stainless steel
Maximum Working Pressure:7bar/100psi
Minimum Working Pressure(dynamic):2.0bar/29.4psi
Mounting Outlet Size:Dia. 12mm, Depth 10mm
Brand:Deelat Industrial
Warranty:1 Year

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