What are the hazards of Emergency Eyewash Station Blocking ?

Eye wash and shower setting principles: should meet the requirements of the set specification
April 22, 2018
Runwangda Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station Health and Safety Explanation
April 23, 2018

What are the hazards of Emergency Eyewash Station Blocking ?

The inlet and outlet of the eyewash are the channels for water in and out. After the outlet is blocked, the water cannot be discharged and the eyewash process cannot be completed.

Eyewash spray system

     Shower head: As its name implies, it is able to spray the entire body of the shower head, which is similar to the shower we use.
     Handle: Staff Stabilize Your Body
     Foot pedal: Control spray switch
     Then it is the eye-tracking system
     Rinse basin: similar to the kind of basin that usually has a tap
     Eye Washer: The main device for flushing eyes
     Dust cover: prevent some dust and debris from contaminating the eye wash nozzle
     Blind eye valve: switch to control the eye punch system
     Finally, other devices
     Base and fixing bracket: Both are used to fix auxiliary parts of eye washer
     Water pipe: Supply water to each system
     Inlet, Outlet: Inlet and Outlet channels
     Signage: Indicates the basic operating requirements of the eyewash

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