What is Fume extraction hood / fume arm?

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January 28, 2018
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January 31, 2018

What is Fume extraction hood / fume arm?

The fume extraction hood system is a kind of high efficiency device specially designed for using in laboratories frequently. It is applicable to environment that has close contact with volatile corrosive substances, can remove harmful gas, smoke and dust, ensure the ideal and safe air quality, keep away hazardous substances from the human body effectively, and protect health of the user. It has been widely used in various experiment and production fields, such as electronic engineering, laser technology, chemistry, medical treatments, pharmacy, food industry, laboratories, production factories, schools and the like, which promotes the productivity and working performance effectively.

The product can keep hanging status automatically. The system is connected with cross head made of stainless steel to reduce noise and loss of pressure, and it can be adjusted to any place conveniently by independent sustaining springs(inside/outside).


RUNWANGDA Fume extraction hood / fume arm description:

· Joints: high-density PP polypropylene material, can be 360 ° rotation adjustment direction, easy to disassemble, reorganization and cleaning
Joint ring: the use of non-aging high-density rubber
· Joint connecting rod: 304 stainless steel connecting rod, with a standard design within the card can be locked together with the joint
. Joint elastic knob: high-density PP material, embedded stainless steel bearings, and the joint rod lock
· Unique 360 ° rotation device: The maximum movable radius of the fixed frame can reach 1600MM
· Standard fixed base: High-density PVC material, non-adhesive, molded injection molding, fastness, not bottom off
· Another alternative fixed base: hanging stainless steel base
· Air flow control valve: With the design of circular adapter, for manual adjustment, through the external valve knob, adjust the valve angle, to control the incoming air flow
Gathering hood: PP white / red / transparent,
Telescopic catheter: ¢ 75mm PP
Joint color: white / red
Cover size: 380mm
Interface size: 110mm

Simple to operate: it is very easy to operate and maintain, can be adjusted to another place by one hand, and can be disassembled and washed without any tools.

Easy to install: it can be easily installed on the table, on the wall or ceiling, and can also be installed on the production equipment.

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