Which eyewash manufacturer is better

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January 1, 2021
What is an eyewash? How to choose an eyewash? Eyewash price parameters..
January 1, 2021

Which eyewash manufacturer is better

Eyewash and shower equipment are emergency rescue facilities used in toxic and hazardous working environments. When the eyes or body of the site operator comes into contact with toxic, harmful and corrosive chemicals, the eyewash can be used for emergency flushing or showering of the eyes and body with these devices, mainly to prevent the chemicals from causing further harm to the human body, but these The equipment is only a preliminary treatment of the eyes and body.
Eyewash was widely used in most factories, laboratories, and hospitals in foreign developed industrial countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.) as early as the 1980s. Its purpose is to reduce the damage to the body caused by toxic and harmful substances at work, and it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing and places where hazardous materials are exposed.
The country advocates production safety, and many companies are very concerned about the importance of safe products. Companies can afford to produce safety for their employees. As long as the employees are safe, the company is at ease. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose a reliable eyewash manufacturer. To go through multiple steps to confirm.
The first step: Make sure that the eyewash manufacturer has a plant and a large scale! The manufacturer has many parts of the self-produced eyewash. Various services!

Step 2: Make sure that the eyewash manufacturer has a production team, these teams have the awareness of safe production, and secondly know the ability to install and repair on-site!

The third step: Have distributors who provide services in various places, provide accessories, product distribution, etc.!

Step 4: Come to confirm the factory of the eyewash manufacturer!

Step 5: Confirm that there is a sample room for the eyewash in the eyewash manufacturer, as well as technical experts and professional engineers!

Step 6: Check the qualifications and honors of the eyewash manufacturers!

Hebei Runwangda Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. The headquarters covers an area of ​​more than 40 acres and has more than 200 employees. It is the oldest and largest manufacturer of laboratories and safety equipment in China. Focus on the research and development and production of countertop plates, laboratory faucets, gas corks, universal exhaust hoods, drip racks, PP sinks, emergency shower eyewash devices, etc. The fields involved include education, scientific research, pharmaceuticals, medical, chemical, Petrochemical, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, etc.
Runwangda has a one-stop production line for gravity casting, stamping, CNC finishing, polishing, electroplating, plastic spraying, plastics, laser marking, and assembly. It has sophisticated production equipment, strong production force, and a 2000m finished product warehouse. Production is strictly in accordance with national and international standards, such as the American ANSI Z358.1-2014 standard and GB18145 standard, strictly in accordance with the ISO9000 international quality system management, and the ERP system is used to optimize the business management process to provide customers with high-quality and convenient services. Runwanda enjoys a reputation at home and abroad, and exports its products to more than 30 countries abroad. It provides OEM processing for many well-known international manufacturers, which is in line with international advanced standards.

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