Introduction to emergency Shower equipment regulations
March 3, 2018
What kind of safety can the eye-washing device bring to people?
March 5, 2018

fume extractor – WJH0601

WJH0601 fume extractor

1. Material: PP
2.Model:WJH0601fume extractor
3. Ceiling / wall mounted
4. Main parameter: PP
pipe diameter: 75mm
Collect Air Cover diameter: 385mm
Rated displacement: 180m3 Effective radius of transparent cover: R870mm The biggest stretch degree: 135 Vertical stretch maximum distance: 1770mm Length of fixed support: 1030mm Conduit joint outer diameter: 100mm
We have ability of exploitation, development, design, evaluate-quality and so on and provided with founding, machining, polishing, plating, plastic, etc. Advanced production equipments. Emergency sprayer eye washer, assay water faucet, water-valve, gas-valve, laboratory fume exhaust, poly-propylene flume, adjustable pegboard and so on are the best products in the lab of advanced and ordinary education, the sanitary wares that are made of copper are saving-water and durable

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